A Big-Bang Announcement

(Warning – this post may contain silly space puns – I can’t resist)

I am so thrilled to finally announce that my non fiction book Blast Off! has been acquired by Penguin Random House and is scheduled for launch in early 2018. Thank you to my super star agent Alex Adsett for brokering the deal.


Blast Off! as the title suggests is a picture book based on the universally popular theme of Space. It takes the reader on a fact-filled, fun-filled astro romp around the solar system. The reader boards a rocket ship and is taken to visit the eight planets, learning about each planet and what would happen if they were to get too close.

We can’t wait to release this story into the world and hope that it becomes the much loved book of many earthlings for lightyears to come!






My Words in Print

A couple of months ago I received the wonderful news that a short story I had written, Troubled Tess, had been accepted for the October edition of Positive Words magazine. Tempted as I was I didn’t mention it on here, with the world of writing the way it is, speaking publicly about something before it has gone to print is always a very dicey thing to do. However yesterday a bundle of 3 Positive Words magazines arrived on my door step. Whilst I would have loved to have read it cover to cover and stumbled across my story, I couldn’t wait that long so went straight for the index page, and found myself and Tess, on page 14. It was a lovely moment seeing my own words there on the page. I subsequently enjoyed the rest of the magazine. If you’d like a copy, head to http://positivewordsmagazine.wordpress.com/information/