Book News


The first of the launch parties took place on friday last week, and what a wonderful day and experience. The kids had a blast listening to the stories, singing along and of course, eating cake. Here are some pics from the big day…



Counting Down to Release Day

It feels a bit like being on Master Chef, we’ve had 2 hours (2 years) to get ready for the release of these books at a (fairly) leisurely pace and now we’re in the last two minutes (2 weeks), frantically plating up (preparing to launch). So much has to happen in the last couple of weeks. Here are a few of the things we’ve been up to…


(Above: Katherine has prepared some artwork that will be framed in time for the launch.)

Reading You're One

(Above: We’ve recorded a video of Katie reading You’re One! to beautiful one year old, Minnie, to be played at the launch)

Practice cup cakes

(Above: Cupcakes have been baked (and eaten!) In celebration of the arrival of my copies of You’e One! – You’re Five!)

I can’t wait to see the first books hit the shelves on the 24th May and to Launch the books officially on the 1st June, with a number of launch parties to follow. Check out my blog post ‘Launch Time’ for details of how you can get involved in a launch.

You’re One! You’re Two! You’re Three! You’re Four! and You’re Five! Picture Book series with Allen & Unwin. Due for release on the 1st June 2017. Illustrated by Katherine Battersby.

Illustration sneak peek.



Signed, Sealed and so excited!

Have you got an illustrator? Yessss!!!

Due for release in early 2018

A non-fiction Picture Book,  Blast Off! with Penguin Random House. To be illustrated by the amazingly talented and incredibly funny Ben Wood.