Year of the Horse

I have finally waved my little Princess off for her first week at big school, an emotional week for me. I’m trying to think of it as a start to a new era rather then the end of one, but we’ve had so much fun hanging out together for the last 4 and 3/4 years, and now I only have the weekends :(. It’s lovely to see her coming out of school beaming like a Cheshire cat and walking 10 feet tall, I know she’s ready and will have a fantastic time. It does also mean that I finally have some writing time again which is wonderful, although Big School days are very short, compared to day care days, so I’m feeling a little ripped off ;).

Now I’m back into it, I am forming a bit of a plan. I have signed up for another writing course, Writing for children with the wonderful Jacqueline Harvey which started this week and has certainly helped fire up my engines already ( I have more than one engine apparently??). I have already submitted several manuscripts, and I am meeting my chapter book critique group for the first time this year on Saturday.

It is all going to happen this year! I decided that at the end of last year, but now I am even more sure. The reason being… last night we went to a Chinese New Year celebration to welcome the Year of the Horse. I was born in the year of the snake, and the prediction for Year of the Horse, for a snake is as follows…

‘Snakes in the Design industry, strategy, arts or writing will have a creative and inspirational year. You will be well recognised for your talent. This will also be an auspicious year for examinations, auditions and interviews, and make the most of the opportunity to advance yourself.’

Year of the Horse

So there you have it!I’m convinced, now to convince the publishers!!!

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