An Amazing two weeks

On Monday 16th September I attended the Sydney SCBWI meeting. It was a fantastic evening and the passionate and successful children’s author Aleesah Darlison, spoke about the business of writing and marketing yourself as a children’s author. She shared her experience of how to secure book reviews, press opportunities and school visits, and talked aboutContinue reading “An Amazing two weeks”

My Middle Grade Novel is finished!!…

My Middle Grade Novel is finished!!… Yey, what an exciting ride that was, it’s 37,000 words and I’m thrilled at how it has come together. Now for the hard part, revising, revising and revising again. I have a lot of work to do on the dialogue, don’t be surprised if you find me out andContinue reading “My Middle Grade Novel is finished!!…”

I’m looking for two words to describe a

I’m looking for two words to describe a wedding dress and have lost about 20 mins to wedding dress sites, some stunning dresses out there! I want to get married again, same man, same venue, same guests (plus a few new ones) New dress! It’s only been 8 years but dresses and fashion have changedContinue reading “I’m looking for two words to describe a”