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Baddie Running Riot

Over the last two months we have been enjoying the launch of ‘There’s a Baddie Running Through This Book’ It has provided the opportunity for some wonderful dress ups and I have managed to rope a series of volunteers into becoming rascal raccoons and running havoc around the book shops, much to the excitement of the little kids.

Huge Thank you to:

  • Lindfield Learning Hub
  • Beecroft Children’s Bookshop
  • Harry Hartog Woden

For hosting these glorious days.

And to my Raccoons

  • Kim Astil
  • Lizzie from HH Woden
  • Sophie from A&U

You guys ROCK!!!


It’s time to Blast Off!

Over the last ten days we have been counting down to the launch of Blast Off! with some gorgeous Space images below. Please enjoy.

Happy Publication Day Blast Off!!!

Playground rocket
night satelite 3
Atmospheric earth
Space suit


Published by Shelly Unwin

Children's Author. Born in the UK in 1977 I grew up and was educated in the small country side town of Ashbourne in the Midlands, my childhood was spent surrounded by animals and children. I was one of three children but my wonderful parents also fostered 11 little children whilst I was young. Riding horses and reading books were my main two loves. Upon leaving high school I studied teaching and biology at university in Birmingham and left with a first class honors degree. My teaching degree re-ignited my passion for beautifully written and illustrated children’s literature. I moved to Australia in 2002 where I forged a career in sales. In 2006 I married my Australian husband in 2006 and we now have two young children. Given my teaching background I had always wanted to write children’s stories that truly engage the reader, and reading to my children has again brought children’s literature to the forefront of my life. Most of my stories are aimed at children between 0-6 yrs, but they will also appeal to the reader through their beautiful rhythm and ability to take your imagination on a wonderful journey.

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