Reading Kids Books In Public

As I sat in the Dr’s waiting room yesterday with my step son, it occurred to me how strange I might look. Whenever I know I am going to be sat somewhere for a while I pounce on the opportunity to do some reading. On this occasion I had picked up Junie B. Jones and some Sneaky Peeky Spying by Barbara Park from my library book pile. From the cover of this book, there is no mistaking that it is intended for 6-8 year old kids. And there I sat, with my 20 year old step son (so no excuses there) laughing out loud to wonderfully funny kids book. I noticed a few puzzled looks, and part of me wanted to explain myself, “it’s research!” I thought, but a sneaky peeky part of me was enjoying the puzzled looks on people’s faces as their brains tried to find excuses for me 😉



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