Hi I’m Shelly, a children’s picture book author. My first series of five picture books You’re One! to You’re Five! or ‘The You’re Series’ as they’re affectionately known was published by Allen & Unwin and hit shelves in June 2017.


Allen & Unwin teamed me up with the fantastic illustrator Katherine Battersby https://wellreadrabbit.wordpress.com and we are so excited to have brought these books into the world together. Buy Books

My non-fiction picture book, Blast Off!  is currently getting ready to launch readers on a space adventure. It is due for release on the 1st of May 2018 with Penguin Random House. Excitingly it is already available for pre-order through book depository. Pre-order here

As well as writing picture books I also tinker with young adult fiction. There is something so magical about being able to revisit your teenage years. Remembering the overwhelming, the dramatic and the reckless  and working them into a piece of fiction that will resonate with today’s readers.

A little bit of background

I was Born in the UK in 1977. I grew up and was educated in the small country town of Ashbourne on the edge of the beautiful Peak District in the Midlands. My childhood was spent surrounded by kids, animals and the occasional pixie fairy. I was one of three children but my wonderful parents also fostered 11 little children whilst I was young. Riding horses and reading books were my main two loves. After leaving high school I studied teaching and biology at university in Birmingham and left with a first class honors degree.

My teaching degree re-ignited my passion for beautifully written and illustrated children’s literature.

I moved to Australia in 2002 where I forged a career in sales. In 2006 I married my Australian husband, Sean, and we now have two young children. Given my teaching background I had always wanted to write children’s stories that truly engaged with the reader. Many of my picture books speak directly to the reader, like the book is having a conversation with them, and the book and the child are on a journey together.

Shelly and harrison beach dec 12Harrison and I, Manly Beach Australia

Shelly and Katie in SpainKatie and I, a restaurant in Spain

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